Tim Jackson's Vmax page

by Tim Jackson tim@microdelta.co.za - Johannesburg, South Africa

How to fit a real horn to your Vmax

How to perform the Furbur fix on your Vmax

Warning: The Vmax attracts pussy!

Naturally there are many other Vmax resources on the Net. A good place to start is the international Vmax Owners Association. Have a look in particular at the hot links section.

Some time during 1996, while wading through rec.motorcycles, I first read of the existence of a machine known as the Vmax.

The things I read made me very curious to learn more about this machine.

I set about searching the Net for any and all info I could find on this motorcycle that had so many people mesmerised.

By April 1997 I had become the proud and intoxicated owner of my own brand new Vmax.

There are as many different views on the strengths and weaknesses of the Vmax as there are makes and models of motorcycle.

And then there are those folk who know the truth. The poor souls who have been bitten, and bitten hard. The people who will spend ludicrous amounts of time and money on a passion seemingly stupid to so many others who can't see.

This site is for them. The people who know.

Tim Jackson 1998-2002